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Showbiz - News - Jackson's doctor 'can't be arrested yet' - Digital Spy the net

  • So tonight, we are linking up with a recent video of interest; "Doctor Arnold Kliene in  interview with King Jordan" Michael Jackson's most infamous and ofte3n heard from  however recentl;y deceased. Arnold actually came into Michael's life back in the seventies as his chief dermatologist but ended up becoming more well  known for introducting michael to Debora Jean Row, who he later marrierd and latter had  two children with.
  • They remained friends in their own right., staying especiakky close around the briths of Debbie and Michael's first and only two chilredn; Prince I Michael and Katherin Michael II.
  • The aftershock on 'TMZ'  was little to be expected, no bombshells had been revealled.     
  • Regardless the story, the Jacksom camp had learned to krrp tight tihjterlip[ped than ever had been
  •  little to be expected to be Kleins last interview, unfortunately, he died not  too far afterwards.

I wouldn't like to think that I am one to hate on the dead particularly but closing a tentative ear over what he spoke over what he spoke, both in the written word and in theTV' clips I found his vocAL FILTER WHICH BUFFERED HIS THOUGHTS BEFORE BEFORE THEY MADE NEWSAll i can say is that this is a very mixed 'douche' bad array ofcomments. In many of the comments he simply gives himself away too much.

Thursday, August 20

Michael self harmed during months upto death?

Cigarettes: 3
Weight: 7st 8
Prescribed drugs administered: diazepam blah blah zopiclone oxazepama blah blah
Colour of the day: purple
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 10 still

It has came to the attention of the associated press that leaked info on the ongoing manslaughter investigation into the death of Michael Jackson reveals Michael Jackson was supposedly so desperate and unable to convince doctors he needed heavy duty heroin based drugs such as morphine and Demerol that he self harmed. I personally do not believe this.
He famously sabotaged a suite in the four seasons hotel in 1993, after initial child abuse allegations, apparently he wa in the suite with 6 younger friends all under age 15 - who after being asked to leave the hotel decided to trash it. The hotel manager and that bitch Diane Diamond (PS. how are your book sales doing? not even a top10... You could always write a book about yourself... actually don't bother) reported that there were feces covering the linen, walls, furniture and bathroom, blood or paint splattered on every surface and gibberish scribbled on the walls and the words 'your dog's a bitch' written on the bed. Apparently that was £1million dollars damage... I think so ........

The following report appears in today's news:

Police probing Michael Jackson's death believe that he may have self-harmed in the weeks before he passed away, it has been claimed.Members of the late singer's close circle have reportedly told investigators that he would hurt himself deliberately in order to secure a regular supply of medication.

A source told The Mirror: "LAPD detectives have interviewed some 30-35 witnesses so far, and it has come to light that Michael was prone to self-harming."He'd bang his head against the wall, hit his fists and arms against furniture, anything to cause a cut or bruise. He wanted to convince his doctors that he'd had an accident and was in a lot of pain - a legitimate reason to ask for painkillers.

"This came up as part of the investigation into Michael's drug-taking. So far there's no evidence to prove or disprove the claims."It is believed that some witnesses have alleged that Jackson's self-harming problem began 16 years ago when he first faced child abuse allegations.

The insider said: "Michael self-harmed mainly as an attention-seeking mechanism or to gain sympathy. He enjoyed being cared for. It was a huge cry for help." Jackson died in Los Angeles on June 25. He is expected to be buried on August 29, which would have been his 51st birthday.

Thursday, August 13

Life goes on but not the same

Weight: 8stone 4
Prescribed drugs administered: 40mg Diazepam 20mg Seroxat
Colour of the day: yellow
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 6

Well time does heal, I can't believe it's over a month now, thanks everyone who's sent me e-mails of support. I know allot of us didn't think we'd get through this, but were still alive and life goes on.... We have suffered a huge loss, of a magnitude I cannot describe; the world won't know how bigger loss for the longest time. But trust me in the next century 'MICHAEL JACKSON' will be written in gold across the sky. We have to move one, but never forget and find out the truth.
"Lies Run Sprints The Truth Runs Marathons" - Michael J
I love you Michael, Angel x
I really think someone will go down for this, my faith in doctors is at an all time low; they killed our Michael.

Wednesday, August 12

Michael Jackson for Nobel Peace Prize

Third Time Lucky?
Both Michael and Bill(above) have been nominated before...

Thousands of Michael Jackson fans have added their names to online petitions in an attempt to make Jackson the next recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Over 30,000 of the late singer's fans have signed various petitions across the net with Jackson's humanitarian and charity work, as well as his work promoting world peace, being sited as reason for him to be awarded the prize. The founder of one of the petitions has expressed the hope that she will attract over 100,000 signatures of support for the former pop icon.
Potential winners of the prize are nominated by a panel of individuals including former winners and professors, and Jackson's fans attempt to influence their thinking.
If Jackson was nominated it would be his third time after being nominated in 1993 and 1998.

Tuesday, August 11

Michael Jackson Autopsy results SEALED

Post-mortem tests on Michael Jackson are finally complete but the results are being kept under wraps until a police probe into his death is finished.

Toxicology tests have now been concluded but Los Angeles coroner Ed Winter hasn't shed any light on when they will be released. They are however expected to show that Jackson was on at least a handful of heavy medications including opiates and sedatives when he died.

The police investigation so far has led to raids on the premises of the star's doctor, Conrad Murray and the bizarre use of anaesthetic DIPRIVAN. There is only one other case in the world of someone abusing/being addicted to the drug, a boy who hadn't slept in days apparently bought it on Ebay and died instantly.
Dr Murray has assisted officers in the searches last month, which resulted in the seizure of items including various medications and computer hard drives. The world will just have to Wait longer still to find out what killed Michael.

Rest In Peace - we won't stop til' we know the truth and bring those accountable to justice.

Film deal: "To Tell story of Jackson's Last Days including Rehearsal Footage"

Last days...

Rare picture taken by fan in scrum outside first rehearsal location.

A plan to release a film based on the singer's last rehearsals in Los Angeles for his series of concerts at the O2 arena in London has been approved by a Los Angeles judge.

The proposal had been the subject of numerous objections by Jackson's mother Katherine, including concerns that his three children would appear in the movie. But AEG Live has said they are not included in the footage.

The film is due to be released in October, with the singer's estate expected to receive about 90% of the proceeds. The release is expected to be shown in 3D and will also include interviews with Jackson's friends and collaborators.

Michael Lynton, head of Sony Pictures Entertainment, said:

"This historic recording of the last time he sang and danced on stage shows the legendary artist in an incredibly powerful way, with crystal clear images and sound."

Monday, August 10

Michael's BAD week on UK album chart BREAKS RECORD!

posthumous congratulations;
"Michael may be more popular in death"
(Above: 50th anniversary of Bandstand, rare shot)

Michael is #1 for the sixth week in a row in the UK album chart
This is a personal record for him, both 'Bad'(1987) and 'Thriller'(1982) spent 5 consecutive weeks at number #1 in the eighties.His later albums, Dangerous, HIStory and Invincible spent one week each (although with huge first week sales) and Blood On The Dance Floor spent 2 in 1997.

Personal Record
'The Essential Michael Jackson' 2CD Greatest hits collection has been number #1 for 5 weeks in a row, it knocked of 'Number Ones' which shot to the top slot the week of Jackson's death; the number one hit collection was number one when it was initially released back in 2003, the week Michael was accused of child molestation.

He also has a 2 New re-entries on the chart!
The associated press report he has sold 15million physical album sales since his death (not inc. dowloads) in The USA and UK alone. International sales including downloads and singles could be as high as 50million.

#9. 'Bad' (NEW ENTRY Re-enters the chart at #9 thanks to new shipments in this week
#15. The Motown Years
#17. Thriller
#21. Off The Wall
#32. The Collection (Contains 5 solo albums)
#46. Dangerous (NEW ENTRY Thanks to new stock)
#47. King Of Pop (UK edition)
#53. The very best of J5
#62. Number Ones (Selling out in many shops since it went to number one after his death, Sony are preferring to plug The Essential as it is a double album with higher retail price)
#70. Thriller 25
#87. HIStory (Double album)

'Man In The Mirror' is his highest charting single at #33

  • Jermaine's version of 'Smile' will be available to download as a single and video single within a few weeks; Michael's version hit #74 on download and airplay alone and has since left the chart.
Top songs
'Earth Song' is the Michael Jackson single to spend the most weeks at #1 in the singles chart in 1995/6; it spent 6 weeks at the top slot.
'Black Or White' spent 7 weeks at #1 in the USA in 1991

Mark Lester Claims to be Dad To Paris Jackson!

(Above: Exclusive pic I promised you all of Michael's last performance of Black Or White With Dave Navvaro)
Family and Friends of Michael: " OUR $HAME at CA$HING IN

I am starting to feel a little sick, a deep pain in my stomach which is slowly turning into a flurry of anger at Michael's supposed 'friends and family' who seem to be ever standing in a line to get paid by the very tabloids they often criticise, the same publications which played a hand in bringing Michael down. Paid to Lie, speculate and salivate over salacious details surrounding the death of Michael and the paternity of his children. I miss him dearly, I'm glad he is not here to see this.
There are so many people coming forward to get paid, The News Of The World have endless amounts of cash and it doesn't seem to matter whether you even met Michael in his life, they will pay for your story. First their was The 'Gay Lover' of Michael's skin Doctor, then other so called doctors, nurses, aides, friends of aides: that was bad enough, but to be expected.
Then came the family and friends (stand in line if you will).... Latoya, Tito, Matte Fiddes and Uri (suppossedly friends) then broke the mould and really got under my skin when they were ALL PAID HUGE SUMS OF CASH, profiting even with TV specials from Michael's death; Their brother, their friend: the new meal ticket. Only Jermaine insisted on not being paid, however, after a little research I found this to be true for only ONE of his now countless cover stories.

The Mark of Credibility?
But today comes another and credibility is tapping me on the shoulder saying, this could be true; 'This guy seems genuine'. He claims he gave Michael sperm in 199
6 as a gift. (Nice gift as long as it's wrapped+ a total secret) especially if you want to be the best dad ever, MJ did. As a result he believes out of the three MiJackson children, Paris is most likely his due to the similarities with his own daughter Harriet.
But that said, and if this is true, Mark has just cast a shadow on the ever 'so close' friendship they had with Michael as a family and ruined quite possibly the bond between the kids and their deceased father.
That bond is more important than any bond Mark may have wanted to continue sharing with the kids...
But he has 'concerns' after being shunned by the Jackson family and seeing that they are being raised in an environment 'Michael would not have wanted'

He looks sincere and for the moment my opinion is favouring his intentions despite HATING the fact he is profiting from this. Mind you, if he is going to have to fly out for that DNA test he will need a few extra pennies and the NOTW shouldn't get their stories (which bring them huge returns) free of charge should they?
It's just all getting so ugly
The other half of me says 'with Katherine' is where they belong, Mark should feel guilty for braking his confidence to his friend and God-children in death! and no won
der Paris and Prince are banned from the Internet and aren't allowed to watch the news with all this ugly contradicting information floating around with no real definitions of truth and fiction.

  • The Sun just reported Michael was buried today.... but is still rumour, will look into this tomorrow

1958 - 2009

PS. Hurry up with that autopsy LAPD/LACD, I heard they buried him today... That's when the tears came. I was awake at 5am playing Human Nature and Gone to Soon; It keeps me from sleeping all this Ugliness.
My refund came through this morning as well. Of course that shall go on MJ stuff and some healthy food, I haven't been eating since my beloved Michael passed.

Background to this TWIST: Child star of Oliver Twist Mark Lester and his family were great friends with Michael and his children, a special bond was formed evidently and the amount of confirmed visits along with meetings abroad were very numerous especially when MJ was in London. Michael was mobbed when they all went to see Mark's return to the stage months before he died, just after his This Is It announcement.

An older Paris or a girl who wants a modelling career? Sorry - but you have to wonder about motivations when £20,000+ is involved. YouTube have the NOTW video of Mark's so called confession... check it out and see if you think he's telling the truth.
The similarities between Harriet and Paris are evident...

URI - Shut The F*** UP!
Uri Gellar said 'he knew all along' ; that connection with Uri just took all Marks credibility away, in terms of what the fans believe. Many blame Uri indirectly for Michael's death, I do certainly for his downfall

TODAY; What the associated press is saying on the matter
Jackson lawyer denies Lester claims

Michael Jackson's family lawyer has rejected claims from former child star Mark Lester that he could be the biological father of the pop legend's daughter Paris. Speaking on GMTV from Los Angeles, Brian Oxman said: "The thing I always heard from Michael was that Michael was the father of these children, and I believe Michael."

Lester, who starred in 1960s musical Oliver! and is godfather to Jackson's three children, revealed that he donated sperm to the King of Pop 13 years ago.

Sunday, August 9

'The collection' Review and 'King Of Pop' book review

My new purchases in Review...

I bought 'The Collection' yesterday, the new box set which qualifies for the UK album chart (don't ask me why - It's a box set!) and is #14 this week thanks to a very reasonable price.
The set takes the simple form of including all 5 major Epic/Sony albums; 'Off The Wall'-inc. 2 demos, 'Thriller' - original version, 'Bad'-special edition minus interviews, 'Dangerous'-special edition with original cover and 'Invincible' - silver cover.
The only major albums from his later solo years to be omitted are 'HIStory' which is no secret as my favourite album and the remix album/EP, 'Blood On The Dance Floor'. I believe it's a good Idea to leave something missing in order to keep HIStory with it's special status as a box set in it's own right and BOTDF as a collectors album for anyone who likes what they hear.
Being a collector of course, I expected 'more of the same', simply re-packaged and reissued albums in a nice box. However it is convenient for those who still prefer CD's to digital downloads to have nearly all his albums in one box and to my pleasure - all the albums are in cardboard sleeves (mini versions of the original LP Vinyl covers) which is novel and also increases it's compact form. Whether you prefer the special edition covers or the ones in 'The Collection' (which are like 7" single covers, only a little reinforced) - with a price tag of £21.99 it's a huge saving on buying them all separately. That could cost you well over £50 in some shops, and most shops ONLY stock the 'millennium editions' now. My only criticism is it would have been nice to have the Thriller 25 version.

Definitely, go to
Tesco, it's only £15.91 this week
£21.99-£45.00, Most places sell for less than £29.99
(Photo: above)
Overall: 5/5

I also snapped up the following book and although I have only skimmed it - here's my impression so far....
''to a fan - it could kill an hour at the most, but nice to have for the price''
"Could have done better in 20minutes, SO inaccurate: makes me wanna SCREAM "
The book is obviously a snap compared to others when it comes to the price tag! You can snap this baby up for an rrp of £7.99. However, go down to Tesco (yes Tesco again!) and you' will find they are doing a special offer this week - yours for £3.99
However upon closer inspection it is not really up to much. Relying heavily on transcripts fro interviews and quotes from TV specials and things we as fans already know line for line I am now a bit disappointed.

Content substance:
1/5 Nothing we didn't know apart from the odd anecdote
Content presentation: 3/5 Flows well enough but less emphasis on HIStory era and later years, a little too obsessed with child abuse which contradicts the title which suggests an emphasis on pop
Appearance/Presentation: 3/5 nice pics, 1 or 2 rarities, nice for price
Accuracy: 1.5 /5 Emily Herbert- Do your research. Thriller sold over 100m! and that discography is unforgivable. This book has been put together in 5 minutes
worse bit? It contains a discography which is pretty inaccurate it makes me wanna scream! It doesn't even mention BOTDF on his album and EP list!! But it does mention bootlegs like 'Bad in Japan'
Price: 5/5 If you get down to Tesco it will cost you less than 5
Overall: 2/5

Saturday, August 8

Michael Jackson Marketing Fortune (TV GUIDE USA)

Special Memorial issue, in the USA this week!

This particular publication have covered MJJ in a positive light most of his career, all the way from 1969 When they showed The Jackson family at home! In doing so they have delivered some of the most different and dynamic shoots of Jackson's career

However, they chose a simple shot for their cover piece this 'In The Closet' greased-back-hair-look from 1991 looks perfect in Black and White for their ultimate 'celebration' issue.

Any USA fans: I'd love a copy or a peek at any photos we haven't already seen

(Above: Treat of a pic)

Friday, August 7

Remember The Time - Days from HIStory

Rare Shot from Rare Video
The video for Michael's all star charity 9-11 relief single 'What More Can I Give' (shelved by Sony as a result of Michael's feud with them) was perhaps disappointing to Michael's fans, who only got to see about 10 seconds of footage which featured him (literally) but this rare shot from Entertainment Tonight shows him in the studio directing and performing his part.
+ Both English and Spanish versions of the video are available on YouTube
+ The Spanish version features a longer shot of MJ in sequined Red Jacket!!

His Last performance

Michael and Diana Ross in his 'Last public performance', at a Democratic Part Fundraiser; 2002.

I have obtained exclusive photos, or atleast ones previously not released or published on the net of this - his swan song. Michael performed 'Dangerous' (shown on TV and available on YouTube), but also 'Black Or White' (with Dave Navarro) , 'You are Not Alone' and 'Heal The World' (Right).
The broadcast on TV did not include the other performances due to 'contractual copyright issues' according to CNN. However other sources close to Michael insinuated this was due to the ongoing rift between MJ and Sony (the performance was an effort to promote Invincible which had fallen out of the charts completely), another theory is when Michael saw the footage of his performance he was unhappy with the unflattering camera angles and close ups on his face and only permitted Dangerous (where is face is covered with a hat almost completely) . However I have not been able to find a definitive reason why this sensational set could not have been played in whole; the pictures speak for themselves!

I will share these fantastic and now of course significantly historic pictures in the coming days

I suffer from... Borderline Personality Disorder

Wow, people make videos about my illness

Michael has #1 USA album Again!

MJ takes the number one spot in the USA this week again; the only album to sell over 100,000 copies this week is of course 'Number Ones'. Michael beat off new competition from new releases - and had his 4th week at the USA sales chart since his death. However, because the album is more than 18 months old, it only charts on the comprehensive/sales chart, not the Hot100. Fair? I don't think so. But gone are the days where Michael's success is ignored in the USA. Commentators are more shocked when Jackson isn't #1 nowadays; Who's Bad now?

Remember HIStory; America slammed the album (which is my personal favourite) as a flop, ignoring it's huge worldwide sales. The album sold so fast (7million double albums at 35dollars each in the first month) that Sony spiked on the stock market as a direct result! Now that was truly 'Making HIStory'

Jackson albums still dominate the rest of the US chart. In the past week ‘Thriller’ did 75,000, ‘The Essential Michael Jackson’ sold 73,000, ‘Bad’ did 37,000, ‘Off The Wall’ sold 37,000 and ‘Dangerous’ did 32,000.

Thursday, August 6

Leave it to LaToya to cause a problem; Sis steals songs, furniture

Show Me The Money!

Hours after Michael's death the family hauled Michael's house upside down looking for cash.

Little Latoya had other plans - She went for the computers and hard drives, not to mention furniture [This is a rented house we are talking about]

So far she has taken possession of computer hard drives that contain a trove of unreleased songs he recorded with A-list singers such as Ne-Yo, Akon, and of the Black Eyed Peas, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Frank Dileo reveals that only hours after Michael was taken to hospital, the family descended on the house to claim all its contents, and LaToya grabbed the drives whilst others tried to find the cash: apparently Michael would always have atleast a million in cash hidden under floor boards in walls, never in safes.

"They backed up trucks, removing everything!" DiLeo was quoted as telling Rolling Stone in its issue that hits newsstands on Friday. "They thought Michael owned it all, so they took even the rented furniture! And this is the family who think they are equipped to run a billion dollar estate?"

Jackson's will gave 40 percent of his estate to his 79-year-old mother, Katherine, 40% to his children and 20% to charity. The charity money will go to creditors until they are paid off.

Frank, who managed Michael back in the 80's and was the mastermind behind The Bad TourMoonwalker, is "pretty sure" the hard drives will know be hidden at the family's Hayvenhurst compound in Encino, Calif. and

"The estate lawyers will send out letters" to recover the drives so that the contents can be logged, DiLeo added. said he did not have duplicates of his work with Jackson.


DiLeo told Rolling Stone that there were at least 100 songs! Including many recorded at Jackson's 1980s peak -- that were never released, including a few "sensational" tracks that were left off "Bad," the 1987 follow-up to his blockbuster "Thriller."

Jackson estate sued over concerts

Michael Jackson's estate is being sued by a South Korean newspaper for 7.9 million dollars over a string of concerts which were allegedly cancelled.

The Segye Times sued Michael, his parents Joe and Katherine and brother Jermaine in 1990 over claims the family members failed to put on a series of gigs in South Korea despite allegedly being paid 5.5 million dollars by the paper.

But Michael Jackson settled the claims out of court in 1992, but records filed in Los Angeles Superior Court show a judge held a trial in February 1992, and none of the remaining Jacksons listed in the lawsuit showed up.

The Koreans are basically cashing in on a death in the most blatant way possible. Michael payed them with 'his' cash and now they want to collect the other Jackson brothers money which, no doubt will come from Michael's money; some of these Jacksons shouldn't even be allowed bank accounts. They'd manage to get into debt if they were on welfare. I did a little research on the king of financial mishaps - Joe Jackson and found he had gone bankrupt or claimed bankruptcy 7 times in the 1990's alone.

Understanding Michael Jackson: 'The redemption of Eastern Europe'

A master piece co-produced by Michael costing 5million dollars contaning none of Michael's music, but key in explaining the military obsession; Michael Jackson wanted a 'sincere army of LOVE'. The video was criticiced for being anti-semetic, based on 'Hitlers Triumph of The Will' and of for blurring lines of commercial senasitional advertising and outright propaganda using 'religios' and zionist symbols. It was poduced in Hungary to promote HIStory. It is deep on so many levels and has been interpreted so many times - just watch and make up your own mind.

A shorter version also exists on Youtube at:

Tuesday, August 4

Tabloid Junkie: "If he dies, Sympathise"

Michael graces th front of Rolling Stone for the second issue in a row: This issue looks at the death rather than the life of The KING OF POP; 'Hope and Ruin' reads the title.

Above and Below: A double front cover from Long time enemy publication, Vanity fair is probably worth buying if for the outtakes from their infamous 1990 (decade end) dance photo shoot.

Monday, August 3

Jackson still #1 in album chart! Michael's estate billion-dollar empire within months!

How ironic that in death Michael's so called 'EPIC' debts and failing fortunes could seem able to turn around so fast.

John Branca, the 'genius' behind Michael's business choices in the 80's including the negotiation of the purchase of 'The Beatles Catalogue' will turn Michael's estate into a billion dollar debt-less empire within months which could then double triple or more in the coming five years: That is if Katherine Jackson (since when did she go to business school) buts out.

The Jackson's, mainly Joe and Katherine would simply not know how to handle such a thing and if {they} became executors of the estate, they and Michael's future would be in serious jeopardy, even bankrupt within months say experts.

Katherine has been left 40% of Michael's estates profits - isn't that enough? If the control of the estates wasn't with Branca, or the genius of John McClain the Jackson children wouldn't be so happy with Grandma once they reach 21!

Above: Angel EYES, Days before his death
Below: Michael promotes HIStory

MICHAEL IS #1 AGAIN: '9 albums in chart'
Michael keeps a firm grip on the UK top #40
Here's his chart update, that right he still has more than one album inside the top100

#1. The Essential Michael Jackson (17million copies shipped)

#8. Michael and The Jackson Five The Motown Years
#12. Off The Wall (23.5million sales worldwide)
#14 THE COLLECTION(New) features all main solo albums bar HIStory)
#22. Number Ones (diamond seller=over 10million)
#27. King Of Pop
#39. The very best of Jackson 5 (5.5million)
#40. HIStory (down from 33) (23.5million double albums)
#50. Thriller 25

To be updated very soon with highlights from singles chart!

Sunday, August 2

Doctor 'WILL' Do Time - but that won't bring Michael Back

Cigarettes: 7
Weight: 8stone 3
Prescribed drugs administered: Diazepam 40mg Physeptone 90mg Seroxat
Colour of the day: Black
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 8, Depressed, despairingly lost

Michael's Doctor Speaking yesterday:
"Yes, he was dead for 30mins before I shouted for someone to call Prince"
That's right! You are reading that correctly, Michael Jackson's personal doctor 'braggingly' admitting that after some 30mins of 'no pulse' and as his body began to cool, not even in his groin (The largest area of blood flow) was there any sign of a faint pulse: he finally shouted for.... PRINCE! (?)
I'm sure the our little prince is the heir to daddy's throne and probably knows a little about death, and I'm not turning this into a joke; but why didn't this guy just call '911' and not after half an hour; but the minute he saw first Michael Jackson not breathing. Surely this is common sense to anyone. Rumours circulate he did make two phone calls... to Texas to ask his staff to destroy or remove certain items pertaining to MJ's file, possibly including DIPRIVAN the anaesthetic which probably killed him

He would already be in an intensive care unit if he had done so immediately and given there was initially 'a faint pulse', doctors could have administered NALOXONE (antidote to demerol) and failing that, adrenaline. I know that and I'm no doctor... maybe he knew something we didn't or maybe he was just preying for Michael to just come round.... save him from jail and maybe he would wake up from this night mare. But the truth is this, If he had got a professional there STRAIGHT away; He would still be alive: FACT.

In my anger of at the time of writing I can only come to the logical conclusion that the doctors negligence prevented Michael's life being saved and therefore IF it were the doctor 9and we can assume that I believe) who supplied the drugs, then he is guilty of second degree murder, or at least, at very least negligent homicide. The man will go to Jail, some have guessed it could be anywhere from 2-15 years.

Friday, July 31

Did Michael produce an 'ode to drug addiction in 1994'

Michael Could Have Lost leg - remember the infamous 'spider bite excuse' when he was on crutches

What does this show? Our MJ was hurting... I have known people who suffer like this who are heroin addicts, this sort of thing is common in people addicted to street drugs who don't know good injection practises (if there is such a thing) It could be cellulitus/Vein damage or possible necrosis(dying tissue which spreads) due to poor injection habits where drugs have missed veins and damaged tissue or hit arteries and killed tissue forever. It could also be the result of a blood clot, caused by injecting too many drugs in the wrong places.

I am speechless - whoever knew about his and didn't try to get him into rehab is going to do time, or should do in my opinion I can barely look.
Michael would have been on crutches and any fan will kow they were two periods when MJ used crutches and appeared to be in extreme pain.
But more pain means : more Painkillers and more drugs and that means more problems with legs, injection sites
.... oh my poor baby michael I miss you

Diary entry....
10+ And believe me I hate... 'hate' myself, using an extremely Strong anti-stain toothpaste as I would die if I had yellow teeth. Now that I'm over illegal drugs well and truly I may get my teeth 'done' as they say in states, whitened, polished etc...
Weight: 8stone 1 (Back on yogurts and bread diet)
Prescribed drugs administered: 50mg diazepam, ensure plus, 20mg peroxatine
Colour of the day: Depression lasted into yesterday, feeling more manic today
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 5

There's just so much going on in my life at the moment and my mental health is definitely fluctuating daily. Sometimes I feel on the edge of feeling suicidal but luckily haven't had any thoughts to carry out... and other times I feel calm, I wish I could feel calm but a recent issue I can't really mention has left me a nervous wreck

On top of that and far more important is Michael's death and the tedious process of slowly extracting the teeth, I mean TRUTH about the Demerol, the Diprivan, the hangers on, the fourth son.
But one thing is for sure I (with my own addiction problems over the years) knew Michael has been using Valium and probably an opiate aswell (demerol, most likely) since 1993 sporadically however and not continuously as the press have speculated on and off.

So today I leave you with my final thoughts on the Track some say Michael predicted his own death in, Morphine

Morphine is a definite recommendation from me with an industrial beet and banging bass, layered with vocals that Michael spits out with anger. It's written from the drugs point of view 'Trust in me', says the liquid in the needle, 'put all your trust in ME' until it taunts the user: 'your doin' morphine!' It's the 2nd track from the 1997 #1 album Blood On The Dance Floor (History in the mix) and with sales totalling 6million: it holds the Guinness world record for 'the largest selling remix album' More and more More chilling is the middle 'theme' of the song which contrasts the harder lyrics of the verse "Demerol" is named specifically as his drug of choice. Like Nancy Sinatra in a song about the same narcotic, "Some Velvet Morning," Jackson sings seductively- from the point of view of the drug itself. "Close your eyes and drift away," he intones sweetly. Then he chants, "Demerol, Demerol," referring to the opiate that Elizabeth Taylor used to take regularly for headaches and that Jackson was reported in court papers to have been addicted to.

The haunting track appears to be Michael's first lyrical take on the subject of drug addiction and eerily seems to foreshadow the King Of Pop's death. It kicks off with an assaulting beat and the lyrics
"He got flat (flack?) baby,
Kick in the back baby
A heart attack baby ; I need your body."

But a verse about morphine substitute Demerol is particularly notable after rumors of Michael's longtime drug abuse and reports that Jackson was injected with the painkiller just before his death.

This won't hurt you
Before I put it in
Close your eyes and count to ten
Don't cry
I won't convert you
There's no need to dismay
Close your eyes and drift away

Oh God he's taking demerol
Oh God he's taking demerol

He's tried
Hard to convince her
To be over what he had
Today he wants it twice as bad
Don't cry
I won't resent you
Yesterday you had his trust
Today he's taking twice as much

Michael Jackson - 1958 - 2009

Ps. Do his kids a favour and buy his albums (lol) No seriously- lets say 4 each

NATURAL HIGH! in 1996 at the WORLD MUSIC AWARDS - he got 5 awards!

Thursday, July 30

The Last Supper: chef to publish cookbook based on final meals

Fairly sickening I know. But the chef has recently gave her version of events as a dark clowd refuses to go away from his person doctor who may face mansalughter or second degree murder.

It confirms that the doctor thought it appropriate to waite atleast 50-780minutes from the time Jackson stopped breathing before he even shouted for help.
Michael may have been 'cold' to touch by the time he was in A + E. Conrad Murray also phoned his residence in that long waiting period to ask his staff to remove certain items. The residence has only now been raided.

Monday, July 27


Cigarettes: 10+
Weight: 8stone 3 (where'd that come from)
Prescribed drugs administered: 50mg diazepam 20mh seroxat 60mg physeptone

I'm in court today over something... well something I didn't do but I was sick last night with nerves and feel like I'm gonna faint. Pray For me everyone

'The real Michael Jackson; Uri's Story, ITV1' - What did you think?
It did have a fair amount of unseen footage but I was anticipating more judging by the commercial (see post from days previous) But out of all the post death documentaries it has to be the most heart felt
Angel gives it three stars 5/10
couldn't give it more seenas Uri played a huge part in Michael's death