Sunday, August 9

'The collection' Review and 'King Of Pop' book review

My new purchases in Review...

I bought 'The Collection' yesterday, the new box set which qualifies for the UK album chart (don't ask me why - It's a box set!) and is #14 this week thanks to a very reasonable price.
The set takes the simple form of including all 5 major Epic/Sony albums; 'Off The Wall'-inc. 2 demos, 'Thriller' - original version, 'Bad'-special edition minus interviews, 'Dangerous'-special edition with original cover and 'Invincible' - silver cover.
The only major albums from his later solo years to be omitted are 'HIStory' which is no secret as my favourite album and the remix album/EP, 'Blood On The Dance Floor'. I believe it's a good Idea to leave something missing in order to keep HIStory with it's special status as a box set in it's own right and BOTDF as a collectors album for anyone who likes what they hear.
Being a collector of course, I expected 'more of the same', simply re-packaged and reissued albums in a nice box. However it is convenient for those who still prefer CD's to digital downloads to have nearly all his albums in one box and to my pleasure - all the albums are in cardboard sleeves (mini versions of the original LP Vinyl covers) which is novel and also increases it's compact form. Whether you prefer the special edition covers or the ones in 'The Collection' (which are like 7" single covers, only a little reinforced) - with a price tag of £21.99 it's a huge saving on buying them all separately. That could cost you well over £50 in some shops, and most shops ONLY stock the 'millennium editions' now. My only criticism is it would have been nice to have the Thriller 25 version.

Definitely, go to
Tesco, it's only £15.91 this week
£21.99-£45.00, Most places sell for less than £29.99
(Photo: above)
Overall: 5/5

I also snapped up the following book and although I have only skimmed it - here's my impression so far....
''to a fan - it could kill an hour at the most, but nice to have for the price''
"Could have done better in 20minutes, SO inaccurate: makes me wanna SCREAM "
The book is obviously a snap compared to others when it comes to the price tag! You can snap this baby up for an rrp of £7.99. However, go down to Tesco (yes Tesco again!) and you' will find they are doing a special offer this week - yours for £3.99
However upon closer inspection it is not really up to much. Relying heavily on transcripts fro interviews and quotes from TV specials and things we as fans already know line for line I am now a bit disappointed.

Content substance:
1/5 Nothing we didn't know apart from the odd anecdote
Content presentation: 3/5 Flows well enough but less emphasis on HIStory era and later years, a little too obsessed with child abuse which contradicts the title which suggests an emphasis on pop
Appearance/Presentation: 3/5 nice pics, 1 or 2 rarities, nice for price
Accuracy: 1.5 /5 Emily Herbert- Do your research. Thriller sold over 100m! and that discography is unforgivable. This book has been put together in 5 minutes
worse bit? It contains a discography which is pretty inaccurate it makes me wanna scream! It doesn't even mention BOTDF on his album and EP list!! But it does mention bootlegs like 'Bad in Japan'
Price: 5/5 If you get down to Tesco it will cost you less than 5
Overall: 2/5