Monday, August 10

Mark Lester Claims to be Dad To Paris Jackson!

(Above: Exclusive pic I promised you all of Michael's last performance of Black Or White With Dave Navvaro)
Family and Friends of Michael: " OUR $HAME at CA$HING IN

I am starting to feel a little sick, a deep pain in my stomach which is slowly turning into a flurry of anger at Michael's supposed 'friends and family' who seem to be ever standing in a line to get paid by the very tabloids they often criticise, the same publications which played a hand in bringing Michael down. Paid to Lie, speculate and salivate over salacious details surrounding the death of Michael and the paternity of his children. I miss him dearly, I'm glad he is not here to see this.
There are so many people coming forward to get paid, The News Of The World have endless amounts of cash and it doesn't seem to matter whether you even met Michael in his life, they will pay for your story. First their was The 'Gay Lover' of Michael's skin Doctor, then other so called doctors, nurses, aides, friends of aides: that was bad enough, but to be expected.
Then came the family and friends (stand in line if you will).... Latoya, Tito, Matte Fiddes and Uri (suppossedly friends) then broke the mould and really got under my skin when they were ALL PAID HUGE SUMS OF CASH, profiting even with TV specials from Michael's death; Their brother, their friend: the new meal ticket. Only Jermaine insisted on not being paid, however, after a little research I found this to be true for only ONE of his now countless cover stories.

The Mark of Credibility?
But today comes another and credibility is tapping me on the shoulder saying, this could be true; 'This guy seems genuine'. He claims he gave Michael sperm in 199
6 as a gift. (Nice gift as long as it's wrapped+ a total secret) especially if you want to be the best dad ever, MJ did. As a result he believes out of the three MiJackson children, Paris is most likely his due to the similarities with his own daughter Harriet.
But that said, and if this is true, Mark has just cast a shadow on the ever 'so close' friendship they had with Michael as a family and ruined quite possibly the bond between the kids and their deceased father.
That bond is more important than any bond Mark may have wanted to continue sharing with the kids...
But he has 'concerns' after being shunned by the Jackson family and seeing that they are being raised in an environment 'Michael would not have wanted'

He looks sincere and for the moment my opinion is favouring his intentions despite HATING the fact he is profiting from this. Mind you, if he is going to have to fly out for that DNA test he will need a few extra pennies and the NOTW shouldn't get their stories (which bring them huge returns) free of charge should they?
It's just all getting so ugly
The other half of me says 'with Katherine' is where they belong, Mark should feel guilty for braking his confidence to his friend and God-children in death! and no won
der Paris and Prince are banned from the Internet and aren't allowed to watch the news with all this ugly contradicting information floating around with no real definitions of truth and fiction.

  • The Sun just reported Michael was buried today.... but is still rumour, will look into this tomorrow

1958 - 2009

PS. Hurry up with that autopsy LAPD/LACD, I heard they buried him today... That's when the tears came. I was awake at 5am playing Human Nature and Gone to Soon; It keeps me from sleeping all this Ugliness.
My refund came through this morning as well. Of course that shall go on MJ stuff and some healthy food, I haven't been eating since my beloved Michael passed.

Background to this TWIST: Child star of Oliver Twist Mark Lester and his family were great friends with Michael and his children, a special bond was formed evidently and the amount of confirmed visits along with meetings abroad were very numerous especially when MJ was in London. Michael was mobbed when they all went to see Mark's return to the stage months before he died, just after his This Is It announcement.

An older Paris or a girl who wants a modelling career? Sorry - but you have to wonder about motivations when £20,000+ is involved. YouTube have the NOTW video of Mark's so called confession... check it out and see if you think he's telling the truth.
The similarities between Harriet and Paris are evident...

URI - Shut The F*** UP!
Uri Gellar said 'he knew all along' ; that connection with Uri just took all Marks credibility away, in terms of what the fans believe. Many blame Uri indirectly for Michael's death, I do certainly for his downfall

TODAY; What the associated press is saying on the matter
Jackson lawyer denies Lester claims

Michael Jackson's family lawyer has rejected claims from former child star Mark Lester that he could be the biological father of the pop legend's daughter Paris. Speaking on GMTV from Los Angeles, Brian Oxman said: "The thing I always heard from Michael was that Michael was the father of these children, and I believe Michael."

Lester, who starred in 1960s musical Oliver! and is godfather to Jackson's three children, revealed that he donated sperm to the King of Pop 13 years ago.