Friday, August 7

Remember The Time - Days from HIStory

Rare Shot from Rare Video
The video for Michael's all star charity 9-11 relief single 'What More Can I Give' (shelved by Sony as a result of Michael's feud with them) was perhaps disappointing to Michael's fans, who only got to see about 10 seconds of footage which featured him (literally) but this rare shot from Entertainment Tonight shows him in the studio directing and performing his part.
+ Both English and Spanish versions of the video are available on YouTube
+ The Spanish version features a longer shot of MJ in sequined Red Jacket!!

His Last performance

Michael and Diana Ross in his 'Last public performance', at a Democratic Part Fundraiser; 2002.

I have obtained exclusive photos, or atleast ones previously not released or published on the net of this - his swan song. Michael performed 'Dangerous' (shown on TV and available on YouTube), but also 'Black Or White' (with Dave Navarro) , 'You are Not Alone' and 'Heal The World' (Right).
The broadcast on TV did not include the other performances due to 'contractual copyright issues' according to CNN. However other sources close to Michael insinuated this was due to the ongoing rift between MJ and Sony (the performance was an effort to promote Invincible which had fallen out of the charts completely), another theory is when Michael saw the footage of his performance he was unhappy with the unflattering camera angles and close ups on his face and only permitted Dangerous (where is face is covered with a hat almost completely) . However I have not been able to find a definitive reason why this sensational set could not have been played in whole; the pictures speak for themselves!

I will share these fantastic and now of course significantly historic pictures in the coming days