Monday, August 3

Jackson still #1 in album chart! Michael's estate billion-dollar empire within months!

How ironic that in death Michael's so called 'EPIC' debts and failing fortunes could seem able to turn around so fast.

John Branca, the 'genius' behind Michael's business choices in the 80's including the negotiation of the purchase of 'The Beatles Catalogue' will turn Michael's estate into a billion dollar debt-less empire within months which could then double triple or more in the coming five years: That is if Katherine Jackson (since when did she go to business school) buts out.

The Jackson's, mainly Joe and Katherine would simply not know how to handle such a thing and if {they} became executors of the estate, they and Michael's future would be in serious jeopardy, even bankrupt within months say experts.

Katherine has been left 40% of Michael's estates profits - isn't that enough? If the control of the estates wasn't with Branca, or the genius of John McClain the Jackson children wouldn't be so happy with Grandma once they reach 21!

Above: Angel EYES, Days before his death
Below: Michael promotes HIStory

MICHAEL IS #1 AGAIN: '9 albums in chart'
Michael keeps a firm grip on the UK top #40
Here's his chart update, that right he still has more than one album inside the top100

#1. The Essential Michael Jackson (17million copies shipped)

#8. Michael and The Jackson Five The Motown Years
#12. Off The Wall (23.5million sales worldwide)
#14 THE COLLECTION(New) features all main solo albums bar HIStory)
#22. Number Ones (diamond seller=over 10million)
#27. King Of Pop
#39. The very best of Jackson 5 (5.5million)
#40. HIStory (down from 33) (23.5million double albums)
#50. Thriller 25

To be updated very soon with highlights from singles chart!