Sunday, August 2

Doctor 'WILL' Do Time - but that won't bring Michael Back

Cigarettes: 7
Weight: 8stone 3
Prescribed drugs administered: Diazepam 40mg Physeptone 90mg Seroxat
Colour of the day: Black
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 8, Depressed, despairingly lost

Michael's Doctor Speaking yesterday:
"Yes, he was dead for 30mins before I shouted for someone to call Prince"
That's right! You are reading that correctly, Michael Jackson's personal doctor 'braggingly' admitting that after some 30mins of 'no pulse' and as his body began to cool, not even in his groin (The largest area of blood flow) was there any sign of a faint pulse: he finally shouted for.... PRINCE! (?)
I'm sure the our little prince is the heir to daddy's throne and probably knows a little about death, and I'm not turning this into a joke; but why didn't this guy just call '911' and not after half an hour; but the minute he saw first Michael Jackson not breathing. Surely this is common sense to anyone. Rumours circulate he did make two phone calls... to Texas to ask his staff to destroy or remove certain items pertaining to MJ's file, possibly including DIPRIVAN the anaesthetic which probably killed him

He would already be in an intensive care unit if he had done so immediately and given there was initially 'a faint pulse', doctors could have administered NALOXONE (antidote to demerol) and failing that, adrenaline. I know that and I'm no doctor... maybe he knew something we didn't or maybe he was just preying for Michael to just come round.... save him from jail and maybe he would wake up from this night mare. But the truth is this, If he had got a professional there STRAIGHT away; He would still be alive: FACT.

In my anger of at the time of writing I can only come to the logical conclusion that the doctors negligence prevented Michael's life being saved and therefore IF it were the doctor 9and we can assume that I believe) who supplied the drugs, then he is guilty of second degree murder, or at least, at very least negligent homicide. The man will go to Jail, some have guessed it could be anywhere from 2-15 years.