Thursday, August 13

Life goes on but not the same

Weight: 8stone 4
Prescribed drugs administered: 40mg Diazepam 20mg Seroxat
Colour of the day: yellow
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 6

Well time does heal, I can't believe it's over a month now, thanks everyone who's sent me e-mails of support. I know allot of us didn't think we'd get through this, but were still alive and life goes on.... We have suffered a huge loss, of a magnitude I cannot describe; the world won't know how bigger loss for the longest time. But trust me in the next century 'MICHAEL JACKSON' will be written in gold across the sky. We have to move one, but never forget and find out the truth.
"Lies Run Sprints The Truth Runs Marathons" - Michael J
I love you Michael, Angel x
I really think someone will go down for this, my faith in doctors is at an all time low; they killed our Michael.