Wednesday, November 25

Showbiz - News - Jackson's doctor 'can't be arrested yet' - Digital Spy the net

  • So tonight, we are linking up with a recent video of interest; "Doctor Arnold Kliene in  interview with King Jordan" Michael Jackson's most infamous and ofte3n heard from  however recentl;y deceased. Arnold actually came into Michael's life back in the seventies as his chief dermatologist but ended up becoming more well  known for introducting michael to Debora Jean Row, who he later marrierd and latter had  two children with.
  • They remained friends in their own right., staying especiakky close around the briths of Debbie and Michael's first and only two chilredn; Prince I Michael and Katherin Michael II.
  • The aftershock on 'TMZ'  was little to be expected, no bombshells had been revealled.     
  • Regardless the story, the Jacksom camp had learned to krrp tight tihjterlip[ped than ever had been
  •  little to be expected to be Kleins last interview, unfortunately, he died not  too far afterwards.

I wouldn't like to think that I am one to hate on the dead particularly but closing a tentative ear over what he spoke over what he spoke, both in the written word and in theTV' clips I found his vocAL FILTER WHICH BUFFERED HIS THOUGHTS BEFORE BEFORE THEY MADE NEWSAll i can say is that this is a very mixed 'douche' bad array ofcomments. In many of the comments he simply gives himself away too much.