Thursday, August 6

Leave it to LaToya to cause a problem; Sis steals songs, furniture

Show Me The Money!

Hours after Michael's death the family hauled Michael's house upside down looking for cash.

Little Latoya had other plans - She went for the computers and hard drives, not to mention furniture [This is a rented house we are talking about]

So far she has taken possession of computer hard drives that contain a trove of unreleased songs he recorded with A-list singers such as Ne-Yo, Akon, and of the Black Eyed Peas, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Frank Dileo reveals that only hours after Michael was taken to hospital, the family descended on the house to claim all its contents, and LaToya grabbed the drives whilst others tried to find the cash: apparently Michael would always have atleast a million in cash hidden under floor boards in walls, never in safes.

"They backed up trucks, removing everything!" DiLeo was quoted as telling Rolling Stone in its issue that hits newsstands on Friday. "They thought Michael owned it all, so they took even the rented furniture! And this is the family who think they are equipped to run a billion dollar estate?"

Jackson's will gave 40 percent of his estate to his 79-year-old mother, Katherine, 40% to his children and 20% to charity. The charity money will go to creditors until they are paid off.

Frank, who managed Michael back in the 80's and was the mastermind behind The Bad TourMoonwalker, is "pretty sure" the hard drives will know be hidden at the family's Hayvenhurst compound in Encino, Calif. and

"The estate lawyers will send out letters" to recover the drives so that the contents can be logged, DiLeo added. said he did not have duplicates of his work with Jackson.


DiLeo told Rolling Stone that there were at least 100 songs! Including many recorded at Jackson's 1980s peak -- that were never released, including a few "sensational" tracks that were left off "Bad," the 1987 follow-up to his blockbuster "Thriller."

Jackson estate sued over concerts

Michael Jackson's estate is being sued by a South Korean newspaper for 7.9 million dollars over a string of concerts which were allegedly cancelled.

The Segye Times sued Michael, his parents Joe and Katherine and brother Jermaine in 1990 over claims the family members failed to put on a series of gigs in South Korea despite allegedly being paid 5.5 million dollars by the paper.

But Michael Jackson settled the claims out of court in 1992, but records filed in Los Angeles Superior Court show a judge held a trial in February 1992, and none of the remaining Jacksons listed in the lawsuit showed up.

The Koreans are basically cashing in on a death in the most blatant way possible. Michael payed them with 'his' cash and now they want to collect the other Jackson brothers money which, no doubt will come from Michael's money; some of these Jacksons shouldn't even be allowed bank accounts. They'd manage to get into debt if they were on welfare. I did a little research on the king of financial mishaps - Joe Jackson and found he had gone bankrupt or claimed bankruptcy 7 times in the 1990's alone.