Thursday, July 2

Michael jackson Beautiful Interview [60 minutes p2]

Beautiful interview

probably what any superstar would refer to as 'not my finest hour by any account' His poe-faced expressions of agony all across the heavily made up version of what I still see as a beautiful face.

'My favourite' of all his televised interviews, and sealed in concrete the moment I found out CBS had to bid 6million for the 31minutes 30 seconds programme which is actually called 'Ed Hardy's 60minutes'; (Cut short when Jackson tells everyone in the room -

"I'm done - I'm hurting."

He didn't deny having to take a pain medication before during and after the CBS HIT which racked in 75% of America's audience. MiJack but a ban on any global syndication... I don't know why...?! Because it's so obvious my baby is hurting and self-medicating?

I am so sensitive to his pain

He's clearly just been a victim of police brutality in this video (Parts 1,2,3 available) on youtube

I had to take 20mg diazepam after watching this it made me so sad....