Tuesday, June 30

Smooth Criminal History Tour Bucharest-1996

I went to see this concert series (HIStory world tour) only in London, This Clip is of Smooth Criminal... I guess it's the first time you could say I am making an effort to celebrate his talent rather than just cry. RIP Michael The truth is on the way regarding the fashion he passed is coming out in bits (here and there), some lies, some truths; but eventually we will all know.

  • Medication taken today:85mg physeptone, Morphine sulphate 2.5mg, 40mg Diazepam, 20mg Seroxat (Peroxatine)
  • Weight: 8Stone 6Pounds

Very similar to what they are claiming killed Michael. I very much doubt he was able to rehearse for THIS IS IT with 40mg of diazepam and a morphine based drug on top in his body.