Friday, July 3

Michael Jackson FINAL Rehearsal Footage Video

This video surfaced today of MJ two days, that's right just two days before he died singing 'They Don't Care About Us' and 'Why you Wanna Trip On Me'. He looks healthy which will no doubt fuel fire of the notion of foul play playing a part in his death.

It is a very similar routine to the one performed on the HIStory tour which I saw in London 1997, over ten years ago. His dancing looks great considering the main attraction doesn't usually dance or even sing during rehearsals unless it is to specifically tweek something.... Speechless.... Hard to watch, he looks lovely and so well dressed.

For me this just makes me more sad.... to know he wasn't scamming us, that 'he did' intend to perform, for me and all the fans in London in a matter of weeks.

A whole week since the death of an ICON....

  • Medications Taken today: Physeptone 65mg, diazepam(Valium) 40mg
  • Cigarettes: 10, I hate myself for it
  • How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1-10: 10 I miss Michael so much
  • Weight: down to 8stone again... been living on seeds and yogurt mainly

My life is a mess with Michael, his death still hasn't sunk in esp. seeing this new footage. They have to release it on DVD, they have to. I also feel guilty asking for a refund to THIS IS IT concert... They havn't decided whether to turn all the dates into tribute shows yet.

I just wish it were not true