Monday, July 6

Al Sharpton Attacks jackson Coverage ; BODY OF MICHAEL FILMED IN CHURCH

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I can't believe this is Michael's body in that church, he was a Jehovah's Witness, his family will be having a field day, his mother will hit the roof. This can't be right. No two religions can be right to the same person if they contradict.

However, with Michael's body lying there in this clip, starring me in the face, I can hardly go on some diatribe about religion.

It's unfortunate at this present time the media coverage in The United States would appear to focus on the negatives of Michael's life (for which there were numerous, however fabricated) However, unfortunate it is also, that Al Sharpton is using Michael's death and actual shrouded body as a ploy in his civil rights game with the media.

Moreover, this brings me to the saddest fact of all, which lurks in the background of all this media noise - Michael Jackson still does not REST IN PEACE. I LOVE YOU MICHAEL - WE CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR GONE; YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER.

Michael Jackson Is also #1 in the album chart, also number #3, #5, #6, #10, #17, #33, #68

  • My Song of The Day...
  • 'This Time Around' 'A great funky number, Michael doing 'defiance' and 'anger'
  • Taken from... M.Jackson's 21million selling HIStory Album Double album Pictured Left
  • (One of 7 Michael Jackson albums in top 40 UK album Chart orig. released 1995)