Tuesday, July 7

Michael's funeral today - Insomnia rules: UK time 6am

Cigarettes: 10+
Weight: 8stone (2pounds; ensure makes you put on weight)
Prescribed drugs administered: 60mg Diazepam Bad night last night , 20mg Peroxatine 50mg Physeptone.
Colour of the day: Michael (Red/Black/Gold were his favourite colours)
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 10

Funeral Day, CUMBRIA UK, 7.50AM:

Funeral, or shall I say memorial day has arrived and it's 6 Am, I haven't slept more than a few hours and have drifted in and out repeatedly. I took a small amount of extra Diazepam, which helped...
Well No Funeral has hit the airwaves yet... so I will be back later to twitter as they say now.

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Thank GOD Katherine Jackson has been removed as executor of Michael's estate
John Branca Michael's business genius who negotiated the purchase of the Beatles catalogue has been appointed in her place, by Jackson's direction from his 2002 will.
Katherine along with her violent bully of a husband is a lovely Lady and a Jehovah's Witness as I was growing up but they are known (the family) for making terrible business decisions and would likely bankrupt his estate in a year even if it is worth 2billion, they would find a a pathetic investment in a business area they know nothing about and piss it away. excuse my language but they are bad news when it comes to money. Besides they have huge debts of their own...
{Enter John Branca} Hurray!

"There is more at stake than the singer’s assets when he was alive. With explosive sales of music and worldwide hunger for all things Jackson, the estate will need to act quickly to establish a business that can police its property." - Al Sharpton (See yesterdays video for more of his blah blah blah)
Good advice

Debbie Rowe - What WE KNOW

When the singer was acquitted of child molestation, Rowe agreed to give up 'all parental rights' in exchange for £4.5million, paid over 10 years.
She received a lump sum of £606,000 and the first instalment of £390,000 in 2007.

Debbie Rowe claims she has only received one instalment of the £4.5million deal re: parental rights. But, bear in mind she was paid $6million per child 'just' to give birth in the first place and bought a 3million dollar Hollywood home in return for 'general' custody of their children.

She, wants to know when she will get her next instalment - Debbie, when they thaw out his frozen body and bring him back to life and pigs fly... He is D-E-A-D Your not getting any of his money now... And BTW folks she says if she doesn't she wants them back, what a loving mother. BACK - she only saw them 4 times and one of those was in the delivery room covered in placenta; good times, good times!

She originally called them a gift for Michael and you know what they say about people who give only to receive....
Greedy B I T C H .... I know!