Monday, October 8

Locked Out My Flat, Michael Jackson in X Factor

Cigarettes: so many I'm not going to embarass myself, this is so not even funny
Weight: 8stone (As if I even eat)
Prescribed drugs administered: 40 mg diazepam
Colour of the day: fuck fuck fuck
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 10

When you have just paid some god forsaken taxi driver like 20 quid to move a large amount of belongings into your new apartment of less than two months the last thing you need is a problem. The first thing you need is a key. They second last thing you want is the wrong key or a key that doesn't work and TRUST my luck I had THE WRONG KEY (And gorgeous sexy B.Friend tagging along just for good measure). I was dying to get into my flat more than usual due to the planned viewing (alongside boyfriend) of my favourite film Girl Interrupted so you can imagine the horror of having to pay the same taxi fair to the same f*cking taxi driver just to get back to square 1.

We did get round to watching the DVD eventually and it was brilliant even though I have seen it enough to recite the script word for word. Isn't it the best thing when your boyfriend actually likes the films you watch and doesn't immediately classify them as off limits, chick-flicky or psycho babble*
* = New word recently coined referring to anything that other people don't understand

So as I speak an incompetent locksmith is probably breaking my windows and knocking down doors, possibly drilling holes in walls, just to get the keys that are probably on the other side of the door. Fuck fuck fuckaty fuck!

IN THE NEWS TODAY.... was V. happy to see that the once adored KING OF POP Michael Jackson is getting back into what he does best. If anyone in the music industry has or ever did have the X factor (whatever that is) it's Michael. Michael Jackson, although I have only met/seen him 3 times is probably one of my best friends. I feel like I can relate to him on a deeply spiritual level.
He is a GOD and I wish ignorant pricks would leave him alone. I pray he has it in him to return to POP in a big way. Nobody does it like Michael. I also read recently he was supposed to have married his nanny. I wish I was his nanny, I bet he's got loads of locksmiths and stuff... but in terms of sex appeal Simon Cowell wins hands down (apart from gorgeous B.friend of course)

Wish me luck.. Bye bye xx
mental note : Buy loaded gun
mental note2: don't talk about guns