Sunday, October 7

Abandon Deadlines

Words By A. P. Jordan
(Taken from Uniformed gibberish 1814)

Stones and banners
Swastika sisters
Abandon our deadlines
Soil our dinners

We the pretenders
She never milked me
Abandon our deadlines
Shun our nieces

Angel angelic
Curve your distance
Abandon your deadlines
Snap into pieces

Darren is surplus
Surplus to requirement

Darren is anxious, turbulent and violent

Angel tried to syncopate
Get the boy and make him wait

Daren’s preaching the Koran
Daren doesn’t give a damn

Holy mother mercy me
Forgive the things he did to me
I’m taking responsibility
Daren’s got problems just like me.

Stones and banners
Strange diseases
Abandon our deadlines
Dinners of feceas

What have we done
What do we care
Spare me his wrath
Lay me down bare