Wednesday, September 26

Spaces Between Us

Weight: 8 stone (but scales lie)
Prescribed drugs administered: 40mg diazepam
Intimate encounters with significant other: 2
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 0 Bliss is bliss.

Love is usually bliss and bliss is always .. well BLISS. Me and (name deleted) are doing really well, see! am not hopeless Bridget Jones type . Sally singleton I am not... am attractive 'modern woman' drenched in copious amounts of that inner poise and all that stuff. No but seriously, no matter how swimmingly everything is going one is always going to have some disagreements and there has been loads of changes recently... new houses and downs, doubts, mistakes. So the odd tiff is inevitable, it makes you realise what you've got, what I lost and what I could lose again.

But I cannot apologise for the rest of my life, only learn from mistakes ( the recent big one) and if no one wants to listen my Mum said you should always 'shut the fuck up' Speaking of which I really miss my Mum, she's been in Cyprus for two whole weeks. She hasn't been a constant force in my life at the best of times but she's usually been there when it counts and I have a great relationship with her.I will always love her, no matter what and I realise that esp. when she's away.

Scribbled this poem down in my head on the way home this morning. I think it is justified to get a bit loved up and use cliches when you are in love. Love is a licence to use cliche's...

Spaces between us,
my blood stained the bed.
The spaces now between us
regrets what it said.

Spaces between us,
don't doubt my heart
but question the people
who'd keep us apart.

Atoms between us
react when you leave.
Stay, learn 'the reason'
why Adam never left Eve