Tuesday, October 9

Frank Sinatra in the Morning

Cigarettes: 9
Weight: 8stone 1 (damn)
Prescribed drugs administered: 60mg diazepam
Colour of the day: purple
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 2

Stayed at boyfriends last night and ate chocolate muffins, cooked (using a microwave) dumplings and Irish stew, (very difficult) (very not me) the results, believe it, were very surprising! So you don't actually need to be a goddess in the kitchen and testament to me you don't even need a cooker to keep his belly full. I have the benefit of not needing to eat so cooking or preparing food for him is cathartic at best, passes the time at the worst of times...

We talked of mostly insignificant nothingness and listened to Madonna’s Bedtime stories... Heaven knows I didn't get enough of them when I was young. Maybe he did. The mattress, downstairs in front of TV, I watched several hours of tripe before I eventually realised there was much better viewing right next to me :-) He had, to my surprise fallen asleep before me, which is rare. I would love to know what workings go on inside his sweet little head. He seems so troubled sometimes but says it is 'not me'.

'In stead of spring, it's always winter
And my heart has always been a lonely hunter'
Madonna - Bedtime Stories. Liked the sound of those words, inspired if a little contrived.

In the early hours we awoke sporadically and shared an uneasy sense of uncertainty as we, tossed and turned, hiding from the morning. But sure enough the morning came, shining through the huge curtain which eclipses the electric eyes of the outside world. We surrender our nonchalant romance finally at a cool 9am and realise that things aren't that bad.

Frank Sinatra's greatest hits filled up the house, traveling upstairs as I washed my face in beautiful lukewarm water... and the world didn't seem so daunting. It surprised me that those tracks could make a house seem so full and elevate the importance the greatest assets we both currently posses; each other. It's important to remember what you have, while you have it.

He loves 'The Lady Is a Tramp' and says it reminds him of me. Query: Complement??! I've heard the melodies before but sharing them with him on this gloriously average morning is LIFE at its mundanely AMAZING. IT IS the little things... 'We will always have each other' he says...

I wrapped up in my twiggy tights and long T-shirt and left house together... It wasn't the greatest day awaiting for us outside, he even noted most memorably that this could well be 'the last day of summer' but it did have a fantastic quality, a sort of promise/potential of what is to come. I love this man. We bounce of each other and it is so perfect when that can happen.

Frank Sinatra, my Boy-friend thinks Frank Fucking Sinatra is the man... That makes HIM the man... Surely?
'Swing all your wishes away', oh how a song can change your day.
That rhymes. Let’s talk another day