Friday, October 12

National Mental Health Day... Friend that jumped of bridge turns up (Alive)

Cigarettes: 12
Weight: 7 stone 11
Prescribed drugs administered: 40mg diazepam, Ensure weight gain drinks (practically addicted and all free from the GP)
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10:

Well yesterday was infact National Mental Health Day. A day of Politically correct fuckary which usually only involves the giving out of free appointment diaries to nutters like me and putting up the odd poster with the word 'RESPECT' on (often altered by delusional Christians to 'REPENT')

But with religious days dominating the lion’s share of the calendar (Christmas, Easter, Ascension Day..... *cue endless list*) it seems only right that the nutters, anorexics, drug addled, Bipolar, personality disordered FREAKS get at least one day to call their own.
Ps. I am not saying I don't fall into any of those categories I just can't decide which I am at this particular second.
Well as it happened I got some free stationary at a stall in the middle of town, a free florescent jacket which I gave to some guy that said it would be good to do robberies in and a free manicure*

* The manicurist didn't turn up so instead the room of gathered people turned on the organisers**, ripped their perfectly trim nails from their hands and held them hostage***, forced them to sniff nail varnish and made them act 'out of character'* with a degree of success worthy of several doses of valium****

* = In the opinion of bystanders who were also acting out of character
** = not strictly true
*** = the word 'hostage' is used loosely to add a degree of manic fuckary which you would only find on national mental health day
And so the beat goes on. Bumped into old friend who jumped of a bridge a couple of years ago and landed on a bus which in turn saved her life.

All about the girl that jumped!
Her name is Cheresa and I could tell she was in denial as soon as she said she was in recovery. She was clearly manic and made me feel quite uneasy as she ordered RED WINE from a local coffee shop whilst I sat quite innocently in front of her. I had an espresso which is rare for me so applaud if your hands are free. (Speaking of which: thanks for the fan mail U no WHO) She was also obsessive, if a little morbidly angry with the no-show manicurist and honestly, her nails looked fine. Apparently they taste good too, but I can only go by her smile.

In danger of damaging his manhood I bought (NAME DELETED) a 'respect' bracelet which although purple, went down well and was definitely colour coordinated Once alone in flat awaiting the return of boyfriend I had sudden panic attack and felt urgent need to wash face. Will spare the details because I know vanity is a sin.

Sorry about all the bollocks of today's entry, you see.... is all about National Mental Health day (fuck the politically CORRECT, BURN THE TEXT BOOKS)