Tuesday, September 11

Bohemian Dream by default

Cigarettes: Throat is killing me, too many
Weight: 8stone 2 (success, 2 pounds to go)
NEW desired weight: 8stone
Prescribed drugs administered: Back on the valium, doctors orders...
Colour of the day: black and sand-washed white - owing to new Bo'Ho (Bohemian) dress
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 7

Dear Diary,

Just sitting in Carlisle Library getting some much needed ego boosts from greg - the coolest thing since slice bread. Oh well, It is a Library, not a good place to be seen alone esp. when your dress looks like a belt. He's depressed because he's just quit college( after one day), I'm ecstatic I've just signed up...

Got my son in law (how many people have a son in law at 22, esp. one that is younger) staying with me at the moment. He smells a bit, but the company on a night is good, there is the old toilet seat issue which I don't think he will ever grasp but apart from that it's cool to have people who treat you with respect in close quarters

Anyways... Thanking you considerably for the overwhelming response to Sunday nights entry (How to survive a potential break up). Everyone who found my idiosyncratic overtones helpful in getting over harmful relationships with dicks, drug addicts and nymphos - your comments are most welcome.

Also, have come to the conclusion that as my ex- boyfriend never had the decency or manliness in him to actually verbally 'dump' me (apart from some nonsense via his MOTHER), then I could not technically have been dumped and as I am still single, one could argue that the relationship never in fact took place. So in fact, is not terrible depressive situation atall and infact just a dream which I have now awoke from.

Just been shopping and purchased lovely bo'ho dress ( you know I coined that phrase myself I think) , getting the usual stares.. could be my new diet though. Only 2 pounds to go til' I reach my new desired weight

Big shout out to jesse asamoah, my thoughts are with you and MelaniƩ, don't be jealous, there ain't nothing to be jealous of.