Friday, July 20

Not The Doctor! Shrink at 10.30AM

'shrink' to any UK people means HEADCASE assistant. Relief for mind and body
V. clever people but can be difficult. Difficult to annoy that is, or run away from, or lie to. But I'm not bad

Tell you later

Won't bother with the mascara, such a waist and what with green policy on selfish waisting increasing carbon emissions. Plus looks bad when tears get smudged on shrinks Kleenex's as if from dirty home or strange eye infection...

But might look disrespectful if under dressed and pale
Wonder if will be UN dressed for examination???
underwear? *thinks* type obviously..... Functionally Bridget Jones look.
Hange on, shrinks never undress clients that would be in style of horrid channel 5 / skyone film

MENTAL NOTE: Must stop using silly humour to diguise geniuine panick and despair.

Car is here. bye