Wednesday, July 18

Prince and Michael Jackson

Cigarettes: 9
Weight: 7st 3 (moving on up)
Prescribed drugs administered: usual
Colour of the day: Not purple, probably 'Black Or White'

Prince vs The King Of Pop, how resolved does that sound to you, it's open and closed to me. Ever since Prince gave his latest effort, Planet Earth to a national newspaper, even NME think he is 'cool'. He probably had a payment on a new guitar to make and thought why Wait for royalties when you can just snatch half a million.

Meanwhile, reports circulate that Prince turned down a recent offer to open for a Jackson comeback show. The Sun (UK) go on to guess that “Michael seemed pretty gutted about it. He said he’d approached Prince to see if he would like to work together. But Prince wasn’t interested in gigging with him,” (A source added, lol)

More likely and more to the point, 'opening' for the biggest comeback since Elvis would not have done Prince any good. Moreover, there would be so much hype surrounding Michael Jackson's first gig it would end up turning into The Michael Jackson Show. Suddenly even blind people would see how small prince is without being reminded of physical stature.

Planet Earth is an OK album and it was free but honestly when the picture CD looks better in your hand you know it's gotta be a freebie!

(mental note: Angel, The Planet Earth album is NOT original in that it is shaped and printed as a globe, OK, the globe is round as are compact discs, this is not marketting match made in heaven er. infact tacky)

(Subconcious thought: Cassette version, perfect analogy for world state of catastrophy!)

Besides, today is a day for shopping, hence my longing for one of Michael's credit cards, interesting thought though. Who would you rather walk round Carlisle with Michael Jackson Or Prince. Moreover; who would get f**** first. (Those who know how deprived Carlisle's inhabitants generally are will know the short guy gets it) Those who have never visited, don't bother we're closing for annual floods soon.