Sunday, July 22

Inspired to write poetry all over naked body with black ink in hot sun

Cigarettes: 11
Weight: 7 stone 4
Prescribed drugs administered: 45mg Diazepam 120mgDFC118
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 0, oweing to cathartic poetry

Sense of inner peace yesterday, not merely from prescription drugs, they can't create 'inner' peace; so sat in pounding sun rays before being inspired to scrawl poetry on arms and legs in black marker until ran out of space and reached for diary. Because they will hopefully be polished and published, will obviously not print them here... must be professional or something.

Focused on 'first times' as a theme and as usual my poetry, being so imagery based led me into graphic, gritty drug iconography. After a few initial ideas, a literary responses to the first time I was injected with cocaine led to the creation of 'The Tunnel' ; the only poem from yesterdays rant which has some real 'substance' to it.

I had no pen lying by the pond in the garden and Writing on my body (with black cartridge ink) isn't a new thing and I'm probably not the first poet or song writer to do so but the link between injecting a substance into your skin with a needle and now despite escaping the needle, still recreating that idealisation with black ink .... I found to be quite engaging, exciting as an artist.

Was a shame to have a shower... but that was also quite inspiring watching all that ink whirl down the plug as if washing away the addiction I once had. Obviously there are quite broad options for art work to accompany the poem or maybe it should merely be a photo, would have to cut several verses but would make strong visual impact, naked skin, black ink etc. Need longer legs, am 5'10 you'd think Id get a whole poem in one shot wouldn't you.

Feels good to be getting back into my art since being clean from that bad ones for a good while. The valium although numbing to my emotions actually improves my ability to write what I actually feel in my poetry as it frees inhibitions.