Wednesday, July 25

Exam results arrive (Distinction), Family; problems in paradise

Cigarettes: 6
Weight: 7 st 6 (much better)
Prescribed drugs administered: 60mg diazepam, 2mg lorazepam and lovely small glass of red wine
Colour of the day: Red
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: Problems... 4
Dear Diary, I know what 'they' mean know when they say each reward or positive occasion is followed by... a terrorist attack... well, something bad anyways. Amongst the mail this morning two Distinction certificates for English Lit .and Psychology and double love (don't I know it) but another 'last minute Uni offer!' at an OK/goodish Uni in East London had also arrived. Very positive.. student loans however, they sound complicated surely I couldn't sort all that out in time for September, I thought, swinging on my dads office chair.
Three coffees later and I began to wonder why no one else in the house looked remotely affected by what I was saying. As a final household environmental test I made a personal phone call with the office door open. Still no-one even attempted to eaves-drop. Trouble in paradise... you bet. Family trouble; Like you wouldn't believe.
40mg of valium later and I'm just doodling (above) and scrawling this down now on the laptop while I wait for 'the dust to settle'... it will settle.. it will. The powers of denial... Maybe this is just the lull before the storm, Jesus how many cleches [sp] can I cram into this paragraph.
Besides, better stop doodling and rather make arrangements for a night in the Ibis. You see I love, 'am in love' with the concept of living in a hotel so at any given opportunity I just love staying in the ibis. It's so perfect, spacious (fairly), comfortable, modern and almost minimalistic in its design. I-love-the-Ibis; not to mention all the mod coms and stylish utilities available in the better rooms. I might say, given the chance were there I would live in the Ibis, obviously I would have to select the most appropriately located one, Euston would be great, Carlisle definitely not. OK. I LOVE THE IBIS. END OF
Better go, will update later, possible form.