Monday, July 31

Emergency 'SNEAK!' meeting with Rosie

Fuck, Fuck Fuckaty Fuck,
Had to text V best friend and soul mate Rosie re:
SNEAK! Magazine (will hit shelves tomorrow)
Cigarettes: Irrelevant given emergency meeting with Rosie ( friend)
Prescribed drugs administered: 40mg valium (emergency and all!)
Also administered:
Rosie bought me a glass or 3 of expensive red wine as we prepared to prepare for emergency meeting due to 'imminent publication regarding myself in major magazine aimed at teens (I of all people know how cruel teens can be be and how stories can be distorted)

We met in Le Gal, Carlisle to discuss the following disturbing uninvited and unexpected e-mail

Sender: Issy Sampson, Junior features editor: SNEAK! Magazine
The article will hit the shelves tomorrow (there's one in the post to you now) and the cheque to the amount of ****** will take 28 days to come through.
I'll speak to you soon
Issy x

Lovely girl, but what a shock, definitely a good excuse for emergency meeting with best friend Rosie. Topics discussed varied as I eventually calmed down in a sort of been-here-before-and-it-didn't-kill-me style. Rosie feels undervalued by boyfriend LEE. My opinion of Lee fluctuates like Cumbria's weather forecast.

As for my own forecast (owing to excellent friendship-style advice from Rosie - she is fantastic) we both decided It was best to Waite until we see the article before we react or publish minutes of secret meeting on the web. (actually my dictaphone was in a bad mood and I'm tired (It's now midnight, atleast) and will speak to you, my faithfully true online diary tomorrow. I hope SNEAK! Get it write, I hope Rosie got back OK.... She usually would send a text after emergency friendship meeting