Monday, July 24

Accidental shoplifting debacle

"It was Sunday - What a Black day"

Cigarettes: 12 (V.g considering shopping excursion-gone-wrong)
Weight: 9stone! So why do I look like extra from Schindlers List... Must query scales
Prescribed drugs administered: 50mg diazepam (valium) due to shoplifting accident(how wrong does that sound) 10mg DHC (kind of like asprin for elephants, kills a migraine)
Accidentally acquired goods from reputable shop: 1 item to the amount of 99p your honor.

"Addict" they cried yesterday ; "shoplifter" they cry today - am beginning to have serious doubts myself after shopping excursion in City Of Carlisle, centre of culture and commerce went very wrong in style of "wyonda-rider-with-credit-but-no-card"
Mental note: research spelling of wyonda Rider... Or Vwionda.

Will write up this most exciting of entries as soon as I can find my 'special-outdoor-use-only-diary'* and put whole situation into perspective.

Mental note: must write up diary entry as soon as, in case was on camera, or was followed, or both! ...
COMPOSURE, DEEP BREATHES, inner-poise, that's better.

*Is beautiful gift from mother, leather bound with captivating Angel-crossed-with-mermaid type painting on cover.