Sunday, March 22

Jade Is Dead - Reaction

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Jade Goody Was Pronounced dead at 3Am This Morning
The paper will be no doubt dissapointed it couldn't make the front page today. Feeding Frenzy will no doubt begin in print tomorrow in Princess 'Die' style fashion... I actually liked Jade and am quite upset.

From her official website WITH ANECDOTES FROM ME IN RED:

Her mother Jackiey told 'Max Clifford' (ALWAYS SEEMS TO BE AROUND WHEN SOMEONE DIES OR HAS A M.L.C/ MID LIFE CRISIS) that her beautiful girl has gone. The 27-year-old's body was taken from the home at shortly after 8am, when A black SUV carrying her body, was seen speeding away after stopping briefly for photographers ( This was the first thing that shocked me, to be frank. I know the Goodies were/are eager to use each event in Jades demise as a photo op/possible money spinner so as to leave cash for the boys, but there was no cash on offer for the first pics of her body being drove away so soon. It was only the other night I was having a discussion with my mum about how attitudes to the dead esp. inter-family attidues had changed, even since she was young; when she confirmed dead were cleaned first, by family NOT nurses, made up and on show in the their former home usually in an open coffin until the time for burial. Now it seems as soon as the ill take their last breathe they're ammediately no longer seen as 'the flesh of loved ones', to be cared for intimately, but something which family and health workers seem shockingly eager to 'get rid' of. 'The dead body' removed at once, as if the sight alone would harm the children and relatives forever. The same sight which only moments earlier was of a cherished, dying member of the family.
If my daugher or mother died the last thing I would want (let alone allow) is to have the body taken away from me). I thought even science agreed it was only natural to want to hang on. To cope with death we have to have expirienced it or loss in a similar way, like when we as children, see our first pet die: we learn then as in a real-life dress rehersal of asorts about death, about what it means and how to cope with it,
Bobby and Freddy should see have been able to see (not for seconds but truly see and acknowledge) their deceased mother in order to make the distinction between mummy alive and mummy now dead, in order to make this internalised correlation in their minds as to 'Mummy was alive, now Mummy has died, and there is her body as evidence, pschological proof and so now I can deal with it' .
Children aren't stupid but they aren't adults, I'm sure it's not that simple in a childs head but having a big SUV drive away suddenly and not be able to find your mother must be confusing to say the least. Even if it were explained that mummy was in the car I think this is an only too evident example of how we brush the harsh realities of death under the carpet and hardly ever face up to the true reality of looking at your loved one, now simple a dead body and grieve and in 'human' fashion as do so many cultures around the world where it is not uncommon for ever funeral attendee to kiss the dead one on the lips, the chest or hold his/her hands in order to truly internalise the psychological component of the farwell and hence complete that stage of the grieving process.

Ms Budden said: 'Family and friends would like this privacy, at last, for this morning.'The distraught mother was wearing pyjamas with a coat over the top when she left the house. Jade's friend Kevin Adams (The black guy who's become a prominant figure and close friend since we learned of her illness, I saw him play a key role on her wedding which was on LivingTv, which was surprisingly good and moreover surprisingly low on the cheese factor, strange that with a black man as a best friend that the whole world thought she was a racist!?), who was dressed all in black, was visbily upset and declined to comment to reporters outside the home. (No doubt that's an exclusive being protected by which ever sick publication has vultured in on 'first comment on death by Jades best friend' . I supposse know that she is dead we will see who her true friends are and who was really tagging along for the photo ops and eventual cash-for-stories opportuity; it is a shame she at the time of death still probably didn't know who really loved her and who was in it for the cash. I wonder whether her nurses will sell their stories like Anne boleyn's ladies in waiting selling strands of her hair post execution) Later, two police officers arrived at the house. Mr Clifford fought back tears (each tear -confirmed and authentic cocodile type NOW available on Ebay, sponsored by Max Clifford Assosiates) as he broke the news this morning. He said Jade's mother Jackiey and husband Jack Tweed were at her side. Mr Adams was also there.

Mourners began laying flowers near to Ms Budden's home this morning.'I think she's going to be remembered as a young girl who has, and who will, save an awful lot of lives,' Mr Clifford said. (Role on Princess Di comparisons, and righlty so, I relate far more with Jade than Lady Di who never 'had' to work really. Jade worked her way up from the gutter to the top, because she had to, because she wanted out of poverty, but the level of similarities will no doubt, ultimately lie with the reaction of the public)