Monday, March 23

Check out my Remixes on the Youtube

Just scroll down and on the left you'll see a selection of (thumbnails) of mixes which I've uploaded for the every popular 'YouTube'. Most are remixes, (self produced, no DJ spinning records - cheating stuff) of Michael Jackson Songs, even if your not a fan you may find something you like!

I'm a great believer we are all capable of being converted [back] into Michael Jackson Fans, most of us were at one point in out lives and we forget he was found INNOCENT and x Ten Times! You Know - just incase there was any room for doubt. Just face it, anyone reading this who hasn't got their fedora on them or silver glove typing at the keypad robably has it hidden, 'In The Closet' maybe? (a song from Michael's 'Dangerous' album which I have also remixed)

Check it out - if anything, it'll also give you a little idea of the type of music I produce, for songs I've written and created myself.

I have to say though, I do have fun with the production and editing side of the remixes and seen as M-JACK is back on top of the world, 'back on his throne' shall we say; there's no better time for me to plug them here.

If you don't see thumbnails like the two bellow down on the left hand side go direct to 'my Newish You Tube Channel' and be sure to rate or comment on my vids, some have thousands of views already so be kind with your ratings, mostly they are good so far, which makes me feel like it's a worth while hobby and not just something I'm doing for me.
It's gave me something to focus on and I've got loads more better ones which I need to get round to making slide shows for and getting up.

PS If anyone has a knack for making videos (proper-ones youtube music video styly) then e-mail me if you'd be willing to make one for one of my latest mixes.

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