Tuesday, September 18

Venus fly trap

Cigarettes: 3 (stayed at friends house: no smoking aloud)

Weight: 7 stone 13

NEW desired weight: Have decided diets are for depressives and owing to recent run in with ***, confidence has increased and subsequently body must become fuller and less emaciated.

Prescribed drugs administered: I don't need drugs I've got (name deleted)

How bad it hurts on a scale of 1 to 10: 0

I love the Ibis and anyone I know, knows that. But the other night I had so sacrifice my love for the best continental interior design to return to my 'work in progress' of a flat due to the re-appearance of a man I have previously referred to as a virus, bastard, ex-boyfriend etc..

There are lots of things I would love to write at this moment in time, being a diary it is supposed to represent truthful events in the order that they happen. But technically leaving out certain bits for very good reasons is not lying or corrupting the truth and in fact of benefit to mankind ; in order to not jeopardize 'relationship' with (name deleted) and offending anyone else further, will not think about it and hence refrain from going into detail about recent developments with (words deleted).

By the way ***** ****** ****** ****** **** * * ************ * * * * * * * ******** * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * *******, and that wasn't the first time that happened.

Repression hurts

My mum used to always say it's not what you say but what you don't say that represents you. So I will bite 'MY' tongue.

Sleep over at friends

Sleeping over at Matt's (embi) is 'dead cool'. He doesn't have sexual interests in me ( health advantage) , doesn't use drugs (health advantage) , doesn't let me smoke in his house (health advantage) and has a venus fly trap on his window sill. He also lives close and has loads a of DVDs and healthy past times which you might expect to share with a girl.

Matt or (embi) has war wounds, in short ; he slashes. He prefers the word 'cuts' but his arms, legs and chest make him look like a border reiver from the middle ages when men didn't use guns and rather measured their manhood by the size, depth and colour of their scars (war wounds) . And what was all that English vs Scottish about anyways. Like I said in my last post we should just all get along.
Matt makes for interesting viewing and makes an excellent coffee. All in all, a good sensible (query?) person to have a sleep over with if your hot water goes of and you need to borrow his shower and computer in the morning.

I haven't much time this morning ( if it is still this morning) I'm going to take that shower. Maybe think about a certain individual, focus on their best bits (best qualities) and the good times... coz its all about good times. And there were several good times, 3 infact all in the space of a minute, not that I even write about that....

Speaking of extremes, Britney Spears has got bi-polar (manic depression) according to some recent speculation from celebrity psychologists ( psychologists without proper jobs) . I have been saying that for months though... but if forgetting to wear underwear for one day (per fortnight, that's two per month) is a sign of serious mental illness

Going to buy long dress style jumper... good you see coz only need tights, no need for trousers....