Saturday, August 25

Dear diary, re: new boyfriend person

Cigarettes: too many owing to over exertions
Weight: 8st 8 So healthy
Prescribed drugs administered: sunlight and chocolate bars (and complements and herbal tea)
Colour of the day: GOLD
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 0

Just a quick little note diary...

You see have been devoting copious amounts of attention to a certain individual and in tern a certain individuals needs/desires in order to become acquainted (better) . Moreover, have concluded that owing to severe chemical imbalance in brain that I must be suffering from hysterical condition known as 'infatuation of the obtainable' ; I'm in love. (With a person, not a hotel - rf. last posts)

And as a result will be devoting more time to {name deleted} and less to my thesaurus whilst still writing to my diary and its small but loyal 1000 or so readers...
But must not forget artistic destiny... because these are the days of juice. I have found the lost of the lost, the found of the found, the sky of the sky; the secret lube that holds everything together. This is the business, this what we're after.

I'm in f***ng love and its f**king intense

and he is the DOGS bollocks.