Monday, August 7

New Official FLASH site (Present from ex-agent to get me into)

Cigarettes: 4
Weight: 4stone (I wish)
Prescribed drugs administered: valium... usual amount
Colour of the day: all those of the rainbow x

Just a quick note with little if any consideration for grammar or spelling, my ex-agent has made me a new website as sort of a I-would-like to-jump-into-bed-with-you-present, same ad, but very very flash :-) IT IS AMAZING (but it ain't happening if you get me)***Draws little happy people all over page with happy thoughts of the day reaching double figures. God have I been busy, and god I'm goin to take it out on you diary, after some sleep :-)
Was sitting on bed thinking... Love Rosie(V best friend) + Mum so much. Things are shit but they will get better, or it won't be SNEAK! getting sued.