Friday, July 17

Michael Jackson ~ 'A Place With No Name' 2000

New leaked track from the the King Of Pop, based on 'A horse with no name'. As of Yet only a 25 second clip has been released.

Cigarettes: 10+
Weight: 8stone (1pound) Fasting on my yogurt only diet
Prescribed drugs administered: 65mg Diazepam Bad night last night , 20mg Peroxatine 85mg Physeptone.
Colour of the day: Michael
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 7

OK! magazine has a beautiful set of pictures in this week of 'Michael's' children in a faux pretend marriage which 'eccentric' love of my life Michael captured on tape and photographed. One thing puzzled me and that was - where these pictures had surfaced and who was getting payed for them. I have enough knowledge of this industry and the way right to photos work to know that a six figure sum will almost certainly be involved for last weeks and again for this and next weeks exclusives.
£3million for a trilogy of photos is alot but they are photos of Michael's kids... So...
If that person doing the bartering isn't part of the family or compensating the newly formed 'Michael Jackson estate' (which could do with the money in order to protect its 1.5billion pound status) then I'd be very disappointed.

Michael's legacy should always be his children and to keep them away from Joseph Jackson the ultimate tyrant at all costs