Thursday, July 9

HIStory continues

Cigarettes: 10+
Weight: 8stone 1
Prescribed drugs administered: physeptone 65mg, diazepam 40mg, peroxatine 20mg, ensurex 4
Colour of the day: Black
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 9
Food: None

tory continues

  • Michael Jackson has sold 30million posthumous records units (including downloads)
  • Experts say the compilation album Number Ones (originally hailed a flop in 2003) could Outsell THRILLER (The biggest selling album in history, current sales 112million) if posthumous success continues in the current fashion.
  • In the last week; 10million physical album sales worldwide
  • 1million Albums sold in stores in the UK (This week)
  • 4million downloads in the UK (This week)
  • 2.5million albums sold in two weeks in the USA
(LA Times, The Sun, Sound scan, Billboard)

Most popular albums since death and their worldwide sales so far....

1. Number Ones (15million) Sales still increasing!
2. The Essential Michael Jackson double album (8million) Going up- #1 in UK album chart
3. Thriller (including Thriller 25) (108-112million) There is no stopping this baby
4. Off The Wall (26million) Hailed as most artistically credible by UK critics, not so in USA
5. King Of Pop (Not available in USA) (4million Europe only) Celebrated 50th B-day (apt)
6. Best Of Jackson 5 (5million) A surprise to see this very black album doing so well
7. HIStory 2CD 22million Double albums (My Favourite album tied with Dangerous)
8. Bad 24million (In the UK charts nearly 23 years after release)
9. Dangerous 30million (Artistically it doesn't get any better; perfection)
10. Invincible 12million (They still call it a flop but is now a diamond seller)

What album shall I buy to honour Michael's death?

The album I recommend to someone who knows little or owns none of Jackson's music is
The essential Michael Jackson (Double album= value for money). If you like it, Dangerous or HIStory are the obvious follow ups, they haven't dated since the 1992 and 1995 release dates and could easily (oh sorry they are) in the charts today!

To everyone puzzled as to why I won't leave the subject alone in my blog...
MJ was a huge part of my life, I am still trying to come to terms with his death, this is maybe the best way ow to commentate on what the papers, family and people are saying about my Michael.... I promise when he's buried I will move on.