Sunday, July 15

Hospital drama over

Cigarettes: 5
Weight: Just under 7 stone ( hence hospital stay)
Prescribed drugs administered: Valium 60mg, morphine sulphate 2.5mg, large amounts of long names (subsequently, after hospital stay)
How bad does it hurt on a scale of 1 to 10: 10
But very glad to be out of hospital and home with my mum
Well, I haven't posted since Christmas and I recently spent 3 weeks in King Georges Hospital in East London (thanx to all the nurses, apart from *you know who you are*) I was first taken in because I collapsed and one day turned into 2 and before you know it you've got a camera taking photos of you on the inside, and I don't mean journalists. That camera thing is so not the way to treat someone.
But anyways, my blood count had dropped to 5.5 and they were looking for internal bleeding to no avail. I had dropped down to a painful 7 stone and in the end spent 1 week unable to move so joking aside this 'sickle cell' anemia is no joke, in fact I love hospitals, but this time was awful and being Ex Jehovah's Witness - turning down blood made my stay even more painful. The nurses were pretty cool and I was privileged enough to get my own room (on a ward full of old ladies - who the nurses didn't seem to ever feed).
Unlike on previous occasions this collapse wasn't brought on by my diet (for the main) or by lifestyle choices. (sniff), they actually found out a reason why I'm so thin and why I was looking whiter than Michael Jackson. I was looking so bad the picture up there is me not wanting to show my face while mobile phone pic was taken, I was starting to get real sick at that point and looked awful. (no change there)
Thanx for the e-mails once again and when I'm feeling much better I will make sure I have replied to you all if requested. It was good to get out of there, make the 300mile trip home and find out I'm still indirectly helping people, although I'm not really doing anything web-wise anymore, I'm just focusing on recovering.